5 New Game Changing Grilled Sandwich Toaster Hacks For Students (5 Min Snacks)

Whether you are college or university student and a sandwich toaster owner, you will most probably be even somewhat curious about 5-min sandwich grill snack tips that are simple and quick to prepare and don’t require much preparation or cleanup. Here we present 5 amazingly simple yet tasty and efficient solutions for a quick sandwich snacks, be it before or after your lectures. Let’s get straight into it!

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Embrace the brie cheese

Brie cheese is a great grilled sandwich base - It's usually also quite cheap!
Brie cheese is a great grilled sandwich base – It’s usually also quite cheap! | Image source: lee_2

Brie cheese makes for an excellent base of a quick grilled sandwich, and not many people actually use it that much.

Try putting small pieces of brie in between your toasts and season it using herbs such as Herbes de Provence or oregano before grilling. The condiments will nicely mix with the cheese during the melting process.

Remember that most types of brie cheese melt much faster than regular cheese so take that into consideration while preparing your tasty grilled sandwiches filled with brie goodness.

A bonus thing is that the brie cheese is in general one of the cheapest types of soft-ripened cheeses that share many characteristics with blue cheeses. Healthy and cost efficient!

Consider using baguettes

Using baguettes instead of bread is always a good idea to mix things up.
Using baguettes instead of bread is always a good idea to mix things up a bit. | Image source: KWON JUNHO

Cut a baguette in thin pieces (as seen on the picture) and then heat them up in your sandwich grill until they become crispy and slightly browned. Be careful not to burn them.

After that you can either open up your toaster and carefully place a small piece of easily-meltable cheese (such as brie cheese) and wait until it melts and spreads on the cut baguette, or take the baguette out of your sandwich grill and then add your favorite toppings.

Adding pre-made Bruschetta (which you can buy at most convenience stores) is another great idea here. Just remember to place it on top of the bread after toasting your cut baguette!

Experiment with seasonings

Grilled sandwiches are a great pretext to experiment with different spices and condiments.
Grilled sandwiches are a great pretext to experiment with different spices and condiments. | Image source: stevepb

When it comes to simple foods such as plain grilled sandwiches, condiments can make all the difference!

Try and search for different spices and seasonings in your kitchen and start experimenting. Condiments that work best with grilled sandwiches and grilled cheese are:

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Try them out and you won’t regret it!

Double the cheese!

And double it again!
And double it again! | Image source: Pixzolo Photography

As I like to say: “There is no such thing as “too much cheese”. Jokes aside, double the amount of cheese in your standard grilled toast and join the beautiful world of proper grilled cheese!

If you usually use thin sliced cheese for your toasts (and I know for a fact many people do), you might want to consider buying a small block of cheese of your choice, cutting a nice thick rectangle shaped piece and putting it inside your sandwich before grilling.

Just mind that to achieve best results, the piece of cheese inside your sandwich should be a little smaller than the sandwich itself, as during the melting process the excessive cheese can leak out of your sandwich and make an unwanted mess inside your sandwich grill.

Try different sauces

| Image source: Muhammad Syafi Al – adam

Using more and less sophisticated sauces with your simple grilled toasts is a way to diversify your 5-min sandwich snacks and make them less boring.

Step outside of your ketchup ‘n mustard comfort zone!

You can add the sauces either before the grilling process (put them inside your sandwich) or afterwards. It’s more common to do so after your sandwiches are ready however both options can yield different results depending on the sauce you use. Experiment and find out what’s the best solution for you!

Our sauce recommendations for delicious grilled sandwiches are:

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The conclusion

Keep on experimenting and make every grilled sandwich you make from now on an interesting, nutritious & delicious 5 minute meal! You can use the links provided in the article to shop for our recommended products. Have a nice one!

Main article photo: Pixzolo Photography

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