Top 5 Best Recipe Websites For Air Fryer Lovers!

We present you 5 Best Recipe Sites And Blogs About Air Fryers to date. These web portals are full of useful guides, recipes, tips and tricks and valuable information about air fryers and air frying and they offer loads of content for you to browse through when you’re finished with reading through our blog of course ;). Let’s get straight into the list!


This website not only contains lots of recipes divided into categories for your convenience, but also has separate sections for air fryer usage tips and tricks.

The greatest asset of this portal is its extensive list of detailed recipes that include clear instructions and high quality pictures. In the end of each recipe after the ingredients list and preparation steps you can find a nutrition table.

  • Great quality recipes with high quality pictures and clear instructions.
  • Detailed useful tips and tricks articles – cleaning, using oil sprays etc.

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This site features even more tested and illustrated air fryer recipes, lots of in depth reviews of different air fryer models and a whole collection of ebooks with recipes for different occasions.

They also have a wide tutorial section with lots of helpful guides on every topic from cleaning your air fryer to most common mistakes made by air frying adepts. Moreover, be sure that you check out their 30-min recipe section – loads of great stuff there!

  • One of the biggest sites about air fryers and air frying in general.
  • Great quality hands-on product reviews with actual product photos.

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This site can be best described as a repository of detailed well documented recipes with clear directions divided into a few categories which will assist you with finding your perfect air fried dish in a matter of minutes.

Once again, this website features high quality photos that go with each of the recipes published and offer great explanations alongside each and every recipe on the blog.

  • Great recipe repository.
  • Clear categories and simple to navigate responsive layout.

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This portal offers a great list of air fryer accessories and a long list of air fryer manuals available for download (for almost any air fryer model we can recall).

They also have a download section for recipe booklets from quite a few manufacturers (the same booklets that usually come with some air fryers). Other than that, there is also a air fryer food cooking time database available on the site in a form of a quick table cheetsheet.

  • Air fryer manuals repository with files available for quick free download and hosted on the site.
  • Extensive list of recommended air fryer accessories.
  • Air fryer cooking time cheetsheets.

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Once again we are presented with a great website featuring an illustrated recipe collection, cooking time charts and tables and air fryer reviews section.

If you want a quick read to expand your knowledge regarding air frying you also have access to many insightful articles in that topic, just head into their air frying articles section and read on!

  • Extensive cooking time charts collection.
  • Lots of coherent hands-on reviews.
  • They also have a youtube channel with quick recipe videos!

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